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EFT with the Source Technique™
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with principles of A Course in Miracles
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In this EFT Online Training Course, you will:
  • Become a Certified EFT with the Source Technique™ Master Practitioner
  • Identify the “Root Cause” of most any problem with proprietary Source Technique™
  • Combine EFT with A Course in Miracles for Rapid Healing & Transformation
  • Receive Master Level Online Instruction from Robin Duncan, a 19 Year EFT Veteran & Training Instructor
  • Advance your Abilities to a High Level of Confidence and Success
  • Receive High-Quality Training Materials, Videos, Demos & Master Level Coaching
  • GET 100+ Customized EFT Cards & Scripts (by topic) to use in your EFT sessions, infused with A Course in Miracles – making EFT so easy to use!
  • Experience Deep Personal Healing and Transformation
  • Receive 1 Year of Unlimited 24/7 Access to our Classroom Videos, Audios, Instructor Demos, Training Videos, & EFT Master Level Instruction
  • Whether you are a Seasoned EFT Practitioner or a New Student, our Proprietary Source Technique™ combined with EFT and A Course in Miracles will advance your skills as an EFT Practitioner to a much higher level!
  • CEUs – Continuing Education for qualifying organizations
About this Course
In this EFT Online Training Course (Beg. to Mastery level), you will learn how to combine EFT with our proprietary Source Technique™, along with the spiritual principles of A Course in Miracles for extraordinary healing and transformation. EFT stands for “Emotional Freedom Techniques”. Whether you are curious about how to use EFT for personal healing or you want to become a Certified EFT Master Practitioner, this course will get you there.

With our proprietary Source Technique™, you will learn how to rapidly identify the root cause of the pain or discomfort in minutes. Once the root cause of the problem is identified, you will learn to apply EFT (along with the principles of A Course in Miracles) to reduce or eliminate the problem. If you want lasting change, you must address the root cause of the problem or it will keep coming back until it is neutralized.

We have trained many experienced EFT Practitioners that have trained with other organizations. They are astounded at the quantum leap they make after learning our proprietary techniques. We have also trained Psychologists, Licensed Therapists, Registered Nurses, Hypnotherapists, and Social Workers to use EFT with the Source Technique as a valued part of their holistic practice and/or treatment program. Many of our EFT Graduates have restructured their entire practice to incorporate our techniques into their client/patient treatment process. The results are profound, lasting, and measurable. You may also take this course just for your own personal healing, if you wish.

Who Should Attend
The EFT with the Source Technique™ Online Training is for those who love quality, in-depth quantum-leap training, valuable time-saving short-cuts, happy clients, and lasting results! We teach you how to get to the root cause of the problem, quickly and easily, and then release its influence. This Course is for Individuals for Personal Use as well as Practitioners, Therapists, Doctors, Psychologists, Registered Nurses, Social Workers and others who want to accelerate their EFT skills and experience real results that last. Certification is available at your option, after meeting certification requirements.

Online Course – Available Now – Start Today!
Take this Online Course at your own pace

For RegistrationClick Here
Easy Pay 3-Month PlanClick Here

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Testimonials from some of our
EFT with the Source Technique™ Graduates
“As a Registered Nurse with 30 years of experience I have incorporated and practiced many therapeutic techniques at the bedside to promote an enhanced healing experience for my patients. Healing touch, acupressure, reflexology, breathing techniques (i.e., anything in my nurse’s grab bag). Recently I had the opportunity to receive education and certification in Hypnotherapy, Guided Imagery, and learned a special technique called EFT with the Source Technique™ from Robin Duncan. Using what I have learned from Robin has had amazing results for my patients as well as for me personally. It is so wonderful to know that in a short amount of time so much can be done to decrease physical pain, fear, and the stress of hospitalization. I have seen firsthand the beneficial effects of using EFT with the Source Technique™, Guided Imagery, and Hypnosis on pre and post-surgical patients. Using the techniques on myself has enabled me to be more productive and energized while serving those I care for. My wish would be that every patient could experience Robin’s healing presence and skill and that every physician and nurse I know could be a recipient of her educational programs, knowledge and professionalism.”
Anne Mazzeo,  RN, CHT, CMT

“As a Veteran, I had PTSD for 30 years. I was on and off traditional medications and counseling for years. When Robin gave me my first EFT session, I had more relief than I had experienced in the previous 30 years.  That convinced me that I had to learn her EFT with the Source Technique™ I enrolled in the EFT with the Source Technique and Hypnotherapy classes. I was not only able to heal my PTSD but I got my quality of life back from what I learned from Robin’s techniques.”
Miguel Vazquez, EFT Trauma Specialist

“As a Nurse Practitioner, I used to treat people with medication. After learning EFT with the Source Technique, I now use it in my practice instead of medicating people. About 95% of my clients reach their goals within 6 sessions. I’m loving it! It is amazing. I love having holistic tools to empower my clients to take control of their lives.”
Jacqui LeTran, DSS, CMHt, Author


“Robin is the first one who showed me how to use EFT during a Hypnosis session. This is a winning combination! I knew EFT and Hypnosis before but never knew how to put them together. I use EFT with the Source Technique to get to the root cause of my client’s issue and then use Hypnosis if we need to go deeper for answers.”
Krystal Rushing, CLAC, CHT, C.MI

“From what you taught me, you transformed every aspect of my life! Not only have I been helped on a personal level, I am able to quickly and easily get to the root cause of any problem for my clients. EFT with the Source Technique is beyond any other healing modality I have learned, used or become aware of. My EFT training was not complete until I learned your Source Technique. I have taken most of your classes and look forward to taking them all!”
Shahrzad Pirnia, CHT, Master EFT & Life Coach 

“I have to share a powerful healing story with my Facebook Family. After my brother Robbie passed away about a month ago, I was dealing with overwhelming grief. When I prayed about getting some relief from it, it came to me to get certified in EFT Tapping. I discovered ‘EFT Tapping with the Source Technique™’ by Robin D. Duncan. In the class, I got chosen to be a demo for the rest of the class to witness. In that 1 hour session with Robin, she was able to not only heal my current grief over the loss of my brother, but also go back 30 years and completely heal the remaining grief I had about my dad when he passed away when I was a kid. The next day I woke up with zero traces of any grief and felt like a new person! If I didn’t experience it myself, I may not have believed that 30 years of grief could be healed in an hour! I highly recommend working with Robin or any EFT Tapping Practitioner that uses the ‘Source Technique™
Cristi Earnshaw, The Abundance Whisperer & EFT Master Practitioner

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Online Course – Available Now – Start Today!
Take this Online Course at your own pace

For RegistrationClick Here
Easy Pay 3-Month PlanClick Here

Take this EFT HOME STUDY Mastery Training & Certification Course from anywhere in the world at your own pace, with Unlimited 24/7 Access for ONE FULL YEAR! This EFT Online Training Course may be taken for certification or for personal healing and development. The choice is yours!

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