Miracles in EFT

Blue Box - Miracles in EFT
Miracles in EFT Audio Series
Includes 16 Deep Healing Audios
and 16 Customized EFT Scripts

  • Are you finding it hard to shake off worry, anxiety, or fear?
  • Are you anxious about the future and don’t know why?
  • Is your mind racing with thoughts that won’t turn off?




Your Closet is FULL!
You may not realize that stress, anxiety, feelings of inadequacy, guilt, fear, and other heavy emotions are rooted in past experiences. Your mind tries to pack them away in a deep inner closet, but eventually … the closet gets FULL.

You were not created to carry negative emotions from the past, and when you do – the same old feelings and patterns play out again and again. Let’s release them together. I will show you how. Let’s release the past together!

In our “Miracles in EFT” Series, we combine EFT, also known as Tapping or Emotional Freedom Techniques, along with the principles of A Course in Miracles for remarkable healing and transformation. You will find a rapid sense of relief from your heavy feelings and emotions with lasting results.

In our “Miracles in EFT” Series, you will experience: 

  • EFT & A Course in Miracles – A Dynamic Duo!
    Experience the powerful, rapid, and healing effects of EFT, especially when applied with principles of A Course in Miracles!
  • Self-Help Tools – Quick, Effective & with Lifetime Benefits
    Learn a technique that will give you quick support, rapid relief, and benefits that will last a lifetime
  • Rapid Relief to Regain your Peace of Mind
    Quickly identify and release negative thoughts, feelings, cravings, and negative emotions to regain your peace of mind in minutes – and sometimes in seconds!
  • Natural Healing with No Negative Side Effects
    Discover a natural, healthy, and easy way to cope with stress, anxiety, frustration and more – for yourself and others
  • A Different Response = A Different & Happier Outcome!
Set Yourself FREE!
It is EASIER than you think.

Robin will guide you through each negative emotion and show you how to reduce or eliminate it’s influence. You will be amazed at how this extraordinary combination of EFT & A Course in Miracles is so simple, effective, and yet powerfully healing.



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Here is a FULL LIST of what you receive:

“Miracles in EFT” – Modules by Topic
16 Audios PLUS 16 EFT Scripts as follows:

I. Anger, Frustration & Resentment

1. “What Someone Said To You”
2. “What Someone Did To You” FREE Trial
3. “What Someone Took from You”

4. “What Someone Withheld From You”

II. Self-Judgment, Guilt & Inadequacy
5. “Self-Judgment”
6. “Self-Sabotage”

7. “Self-Sacrifice”
8. “Self-Deprivation”

III. Stress, Trauma & Regrets
9. “Stress, Worry & Anxiety”
10. “Fears & Phobias”
11. “Releasing Trauma”
12. “Regrets”

IV. Grief, Crisis & The Silent Witness
13. “Grief & Loss”
14. “Crisis & Emergencies”
15. “Loss of Power or Confidence”
16. “Global Fear & The Silent Witness”


Purchase the “Miracles in EFT” Series
BUY NOW via PAYPAL – Click Here 
Your Price $97 – Reg. Price $388

Series will be delivered via email

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