Miracles in Prosperity Series

Blue Box - Miracles in Prosperity
Miracles in Prosperity Series
Raise Your Consciousness of Abundance
based on A Course in Miracles
a 4-Part Audio Series by Robin Duncan

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Miracles in Prosperity
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In this in-depth 4-Part Audio Series on Miracles in Prosperity, Robin Duncan will help you identify and neutralize what is blocking your consciousness of abundance based on the principles of A Course in Miracles. You will discover what is keeping you feeling “stuck” in the experience of scarcity and struggle, and then show you your whole way out. Find out what A Course in Miracles has to say about abundance and how it is your natural God-given right to know the greatness of God’s Love (along with the means to recognize it) in all aspects of life!

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If you would like to raise your consciousness of abundance and do not have the means to purchase this series, please request financial assistance by emailing us at: support@fasttracktopeace.com and we will fund it for you. No one will be turned away for financial reasons. This series is likely to change your whole way of thinking and it is too important to miss.

New Perceptions lead to New Results.
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Miracles in Prosperity – 4 Part Series (with Q & A)
based on the principles of A Course in Miracles
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Manifesting Wealth Series

Blue Box - Manifesting Wealth Series
Manifesting Wealth Series
Set of 10 AudiosFree Gift Below

Each audio in the Manifesting Wealth Series
offers a content-rich topic based on the
principles of  A Course in Miracles, along
with a Powerful Guided Meditation to help
you see and feel the shift in consciousness,
and Prayer & Affirmations for reinforcement.
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1) Undoing the Barriers to Wealth

2) Resisting the Illusion of Lack

3) I See All Things As I Would Have Them Be

4) The Two Choices – Right or Happy
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5) Facing the Viciousness of the Ego

6) Gods Plan Works. Yours Doesn’t.

7) Who Took My Money?

8) Waking Up To Wealth

9) I Can Have Everything and So Can You

10) Wealth I AM

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