Manifesting Wealth Series

Blue Box - Manifesting Wealth Series
Manifesting Wealth Series
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Each audio in the Manifesting Wealth Series
offers a content-rich topic based on the
principles of  A Course in Miracles, along
with a Powerful Guided Meditation to help
you see and feel the shift in consciousness,
and Prayer & Affirmations for reinforcement.
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1) Undoing the Barriers to Wealth

2) Resisting the Illusion of Lack

3) I See All Things As I Would Have Them Be

4) The Two Choices – Right or Happy
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5) Facing the Viciousness of the Ego

6) Gods Plan Works. Yours Doesn’t.

7) Who Took My Money?

8) Waking Up To Wealth

9) I Can Have Everything and So Can You

10) Wealth I AM

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