Message from the Heart on Relationships

Message from the Heart from Robin Duncan -
Red Heart 006c7ead-1abc-41df-8509-0bfbe3d11d25Message from the Heart
      on Relationships

From my heart to yours…

Years ago, I was at my wit’s end. I was stuck in an endless cycle of pain, especially in my relationships. No matter what I tried, it didn’t work. No matter how much I wanted things to shift, nothing changed. I thank God every day for my friend, Terry, who is now my husband. He came into my life as an answer to prayer and led me to the answers I so desperately needed to move forward.

I had asked God to teach me about love, real love; the kind that doesn’t swing, hurt, or disappear. The one thing I knew at the time, is that I did not know the answers. Soon after, Terry walked into my life.

From the moment he spoke, his voice was familiar. It was as if an old friend had come for a visit. We became instant friends and along the way, we were both guided on how to undo the barriers we had created against love.

No matter how bad I was feeling, Terry always found the words to lift my spirits and give me another way to look at things. One day I asked him, “How do you always know what to say?” He shrugged and said, “Oh, it’s just from this book I’ve been studying called A Course in Miracles.” I replied, “Well, I need to get a copy of that book!”

And so our journey began. Terry and I logged hundreds (if not thousands) of hours discussing, bantering, and sharing the concepts we learned from A Course in Miracles. Ultimately, all of our relationships have been healed. We didn’t realize at the time, that our study of the Course was going to lead us to an answer for every question that still remained.

A Course in Miracles is not intended to replace any other spiritual text. It simply teaches you, step by step, how to undo the fear that is clouding your mind, so that the peace and love that are naturally yours can be experienced in every aspect of life.

Next Tuesday, July 5, 2016 at 1:00 PM PST, we will begin a 4-part Tele-Seminar Series on “Miracles in Relationships”. In this series, I will be sharing all of the key concepts that Terry and I have learned about healing in relationships through our study and practice of A Course in Miracles. In October, we will go even deeper as we address the topic of “Miracles in Love”. If you are unable to attend the LIVE Tele-Seminars, a replay will be sent to all registrants.

It is our goal to bring these healing concepts to anyone who desires greater happiness, harmony, love, and consistency in their relationships. We offer these courses at very low prices (under $14 per segment) so anyone who truly desires healing can have access. If money is an issue and you cannot attend because of it, then request an AIWP Scholarship at: and Terry and I will fund it for you.

If you have been looking for an answer, please join us on Tuesday. If you know someone who is hurting or struggling in their relationships, please share this message with them. No one will be turned away for financial reasons.

Miracles in Relationships – 4 Part Series 
July 5, 12, 19 & 25 – (Reg. $97) Your Price $55Enroll Here

Miracles in Love – 4 Part Series 
Oct. 4, 11, 18 & 25 – (Reg. $97) Your Price $55Enroll Here

Miracles in Relationships & Miracles in Love
Both Series – (Reg. $194) Your Price $77Enroll Here

With love,
Robin Duncan

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