FREE 90-Day Miracles in Personal Healing – 90 Topics – By Robin Duncan

Blue Box - Miracles in Personal Healing
Miracles in Personal Healing Library
90 Topics based on A Course in Miracles
Created by Robin Duncan as a Gift to Humanity

100’s of Free Healing Tools based on A Course in Miracles
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Library Index (Links are below)
#01-10 – Top Ten Essentials
#11-17 – Money & Financial Matters
#18-34 – Emotional Healing & Self-Love
#35-41 – Deep Inner Healing
#42-49 – Health & Wellness
#50-63 – Love & Relationships
#64-75 – Support
#76-80 – Habit Cessation
#81-83 – Parenting
#84-87 – Transitions
#88-90 – Trust & Alignment

Miracles in Personal Healing Library
Your Spiritual Medicine Cabinet

90 Topics to Choose From

  1. Crisis and Emergencies
  2. Setting the Goal of Peace
  3. Faith,Trust & Surrender
  4. Prayer & Listening
  5. Meditation for a Calm Mind
  6. Distraction & Resistance
  7. Accepting God’s Plan
  8. Preparing for a Great Outcome
  9. Why is God taking so long?
  11. Manifesting Your Heart’s Desires
  12. Breaking the Pattern of Lack
  13. Releasing Guilt about Money
  14. Financial Fear
  15. Being a Good Receiver
  16. Tithing & Magnetic Wealth
  18. Busy-Mind & Insomnia
  19. Inadequacy & Powerlessness
  20. Guilt, Shame & Regret
  21. Depression & Sadness
  22. Self-Judgment & Criticism
  23. Frustration & Disappointment
  24. Procrastination & Clutter
  25. Performance & Test Anxiety
  26. Phobias & Fear of Danger
  27. Betrayal & Deception
  28. Grief & Loss
  29. Seizing Fearful Thoughts
  30. Fear of the Future
  31. Anger towards God
  32. Trusting Others
  33. Trusting Yourself
  35. Childhood Abuse
  36. Healing Hurts of the Past
  37. PTSD and Trauma Relief
  38. Anger, Rage & Resentment
  39. Self-Doubt & Inner Dialogue
  40. Self-Love & Acceptance
  42. Accidents & Injury
  43. Responding to a Negative Diagnosis
  44. Pain & Discomfort
  45. I Need A Miracle!
  46. Recovering from Illness
  47. Challenges for Seniors
  48. Dealing with Symptoms
  49. I AM WHOLE
  50. Judgment & Persecution
  51. Mother & Father Healing
  52. Conflict in Relationships
  53. Communication
  54. Love & Dating
  55. Setting Boundaries
  56. Healing from a Breakup
  57. Separation & Divorce
  58. Love & Intimacy
  59. Rewriting the Script
  60. Love & Forgiveness
  61. Rejection by Loved Ones
  62. Rising Above the Family Story
  63. I AM LOVED
  64. Getting Unstuck
  65. How to Pray for Others
  66. Why Me, Why This, Why Now?
  67. Care for the Caregiver
  68. Loved Ones with Addictions
  69. Worry & Stress
  70. Dealing with Negativity
  71. Loneliness & Abandonment
  72. Fear of Failure
  73. Letting Yourself Succeed
  74. Living without Planning
  75. Global Challenges
  76. Preparing to Stop a Habit
  77. Managing Cravings
  78. Freedom from Addictions
  79. Moving through Resistance
  81. Fertility & Pregnancy
  82. Parenting
  84. Fear of Change
  85. Loss of a Loved One
  86. Fear of Death & Dying
  87. Life Review & Regrets

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Prayer 1 – Crisis and Overwhelming Circumstances

Cover for Miracles in Prayer by Robin Duncan
Prayer #1 – Crisis & Overwhelming Circumstances
Excerpt from Miracles in Prayer by Robin Duncan
150 Prayers for Everyday Living

Dear God,
I call upon the power of Your strength, guidance and protection. I surrender this whole situation to You so I can receive Your blessing of a peaceful outcome. I am willing to remember that in the presence of Your light, there is no darkness. In the awareness of Your love, there is nothing to fear. Please lift me high above this situation so I can remember the safety of Your love for everyone involved. Please guide me through every step to take and advise me on what to do. Please heal any part of my mind that is holding on to fear, pain or distress of any kind. I trust that You are with me and I will not doubt the power of Your loving protection. Thank you, in advance, for helping me to see this whole situation differently. Thank you for giving me strength and peace of mind so that I can hear Your voice as I move through this. Thy will be done.  Amen

This Prayer is an excerpt from the Miracles in Prayer book
by Robin Duncan, including
150 Prayers for Everyday Living.

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“It is my great desire that these prayers will help you find peace when you need it the most and also to experience miracles as part of your daily life. I would love to hear about your experiences from using the prayers.”
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Robin Duncan

Help Me To Be Happy Series

Blue Box - Help Me To Be Happy
Help Me To Be Happy Series
Set of 30 Audios
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Financial Fear, Setting Boundaries & Overwhelm

Each audio in the “Help Me To Be Happy Series”

comes with a powerful topic based on the
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Help Me To Be Happy – Library of 30 Topics

Relief for Addiction & Compulsive Behaviors

Relief for Anger & Fear of God

Relief for Anger & Frustration

Relief for Blocks to Prosperity

Relief for Challenges with Father

Relief for Challenges with Mother

Relief for Chaos & Significant Loss

Relief for Conflict in Personal Relationships

Relief for Conflict in Work Relationships

Relief for Cravings & Weight Issues

Relief for Defeat & Regrets

Relief for Depression

Relief for Fear & Phobias

Relief for Fear of Change & Transition

Relief for Fear of Setting Boundaries Free Gift

Relief for Fear of War, Suffering & Devastation

Relief for Fear of the Future

Relief for Financial Fear Free Gift

Relief for Guilt & Shame

Relief for Jealousy & Resentment

Relief for Loneliness & Abandonment

Relief for Negativity & Judgment

Relief for Overwhelm Free Gift

Relief for Performance & Test Anxiety

Relief for Physical Pain & Discomfort

Relief for Problems with Children

Relief for Problems with Teenagers

Relief for Self-Doubt

Relief for Self Sabotage & Emotional Pain

Relief for Verbal & Physical Abuse


Miracles in Prosperity Series

Blue Box - Miracles in Prosperity
Miracles in Prosperity Series
Raise Your Consciousness of Abundance
based on A Course in Miracles
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Miracles in Prosperity
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In this in-depth 4-Part Audio Series on Miracles in Prosperity, Robin Duncan will help you identify and neutralize what is blocking your consciousness of abundance based on the principles of A Course in Miracles. You will discover what is keeping you feeling “stuck” in the experience of scarcity and struggle, and then show you your whole way out. Find out what A Course in Miracles has to say about abundance and how it is your natural God-given right to know the greatness of God’s Love (along with the means to recognize it) in all aspects of life!

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Miracles in Prosperity – 4 Part Series (with Q & A)
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ACIM Spiritual Counseling Online Course

Blue Box - ACIM Spiritual Counseling
Become A Course in Miracles Spiritual Counselor
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In this ACIM Spiritual Counseling Online Course,
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Module 1
Opening to Miracles

Module 2
Emergencies, Tragedies & Disasters

Module 3
Removing Blocks to Prosperity

Module 4
Emotional Healing

Module 5
Physical Healing

Module 6
Healing Relationships

Module 7
Business & Career

Module 8
Life Transitions & Fear of the Future

Module 9
Empowerment & Performance

Module 10
Pregnancy & Childbirth

Module 11
Children & Teens

Module 12
Challenges for Seniors

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